Hi, I'm Morgan. 

I am the owner of MW Interior Styling. I live in Sandusky, Ohio (technically Huron but whatevs). I lived in downtown Chicago for 10 years, Columbus for almost 4, and moved back home in August 2017.

I obsess on the splurge and find the steal. My favorite color is grey. Some say boring, I say perfection. My style? That’s a hard one because I love to combine rustic, modern, industrial…my goal is cozy so I pick things that feel like “home” no matter what the style is. I can’t cook a meal to save my life but I can put together an outfit to any occasion in a matter of minutes.

Ask me to go grocery shopping and I lose my mind but ask me to style shelves and I am in heaven. I am always searching for the perfect area rug and accent pillows. I own too many pair of jeans but somehow the cheapest ones are my favorite – thank you Zara! Target owns me, literally owns me and I wouldn't want it any other way.

My family means everything to me and my little girl, Sienna, well she’s my pride and joy. I am doing this for her and because of her – she is the bravest person I know so I am taking a page out of her book and being brave.

Let’s do this!