Fall Fashion Finds...

When I started my decorating business in April I had grand plans: post on Instagram daily, write weekly blogs, update my website often, the list goes on-and-on. Well, turns out social media is a full time job and I physically can’t handle another job (or else my child probably wouldn’t be fed or bathed - you feel me on that?).

I really can’t complain though, life is good and I am having a blast juggling it all. My design clients love it too, I am sure. Most of the time I am sourcing for their projects at night, after Sienna goes to bed and that is when the late night texts of “heeeeey look what I found” start rolling in.

You see, a few months ago (when I was still figuring out how to juggle it all) I was constantly on my phone and one day my precious little girl looked and me and said “mommy please get off your phone and play with me”. My heart broke. Literally broke. From that point on, I made a strong effort to put down my phone during mommy/daughter time after she gets home from school or daycare until she goes to bed. Am I perfect? Heck no! But… I am getting better.

Bottom line is, I am not as active on social media or my blog as I intended on being. But you know what? I am A-Okay with that because I will always be a mom (aka personal assistant) first and Sienna will always be my #1 priority – even when she yells “mom come wipe my butt” – phone down and butt wiping commences. Personal assistants get the crappy jobs (see what I did there?). 

Why the back-story? Well I wanted to preface it because I have no idea how to “swipe up” or link things on my social sites. I do not even know how to add icons on my Instagram page like all of the other fancy designers/bloggers/stylists. So do not expect much on this blog other than selfies and links to what I am wearing.

That’s right this isn’t a decorating post it is a “fashion” post and it will not be fancy. I will probably have dirty hair…if I am sporting a hat I most definitely have not washed it in like 4 days). If in my selfie, the phone is in front of my face that is because I am sans makeup and y ’all do not want to see that. I can assure you these photos will look blurry and I will be taking them in my “skinny mirror” – so the thigh gap is fake (it’s all an illusion.) The Restoration Hardware $400 skinny mirror is worth every penny. And no I am not getting paid to say that – I don’t know how to sponsor anything or get paid like .04 every time someone clicks on something I post.

Moving on…

I have always loved fashion and in my younger years, I had no problem spending an outrageous amount of money on shoes, purses, jeans, etc. I lived in downtown Chicago for 10 years and it just felt right. I was hip, I could afford it, and it made me feel good wearing the $700 Louboutin Heels. Until those $700 heels got stuck in the sidewalk crevices and then they looked like a dog chewed on them. No worries, 25 year old me just went out and bought a new pair. GASP! What in the actual F**k was I thinking? Thirty six year old me will still splurge on the Gucci belt that I NEED (like its water or something) but the truth is the majority of my wardrobe is from Zara or Target. I find myself buying something expensive that will make any outfit look good but then pairing it with a t-shirt and those coveted Zara jeans I always talk about.

Soooooo…..less talking, more fashion. Here are some of my favorite fall outfits/finds!

Carlton Chevron Knit Sweater - $56
I love that this can be worn off the shoulder it is a bit more edgy and version 2 is hey I am on day 2 post hair wash and I need to run errands but I look too cute for yoga pants so I am throwing this on for my third trip to Target this week. I can promise you this - you will NEVER run into anyone you know when you actually look put together at Target. Or is that just me?

Can someone please teach me how to up my selfie game? Good lord.

I am a HUGE fan of over sized sweaters. Especially ones that you can wear as a dress. Two-for-one deal right there! I was not about to throw tights on but add some some patterned ones & BAM date night outfit. Chunky sweater dresses = glorious amount of carbs.

Oversized Cardigan - $69.90

Basic V-Neck -$9.90 - The BEST tees. Period.

Sam Edleman Boots - somewhat of a splurge but I wear them ALL THE TIME.

Head Wrap - $8 - I bought this head wrap in black, army green, & wine because I loved it so much. The only colors online are blush and wine but head to your local Old Navy. I found mine in the checkout line and scooped them up!

Cue awkward arm pose. Here is another over sized sweater/dress. I’m not sure why but I LOVE tucking a smidge of my sweater into my jeans. You’ll see me in this getup all winter.

Sweater - $25.99 - comes in multiple colors!

Zara Jeans - $35.90 Mine are super old but these are similar and you won’t be sad about them.

This jacket was love at first site. I am also linking a similar one - I dig it & it has been in my cart for 2 weeks. I really just need to hit “purchase”. I love pairing a simple cami with a funky jacket. It’s my go to in the fall/winter when I want to look trendy.

Faux Suede Jacket - $119

Faux Biker Jacket - $149

Lace Cami - $38 - do yourself a favor and click on the “email me when more are available”. Might as well do it for every color while you’re at it.

Remember the Gucci belt I said I HAD to have? It is legit. I spy a thigh gap as well - $400 mirror, totally worth it.

Fun story about that belt…my size was sold out everywhere & I mean everywhere. I was in DC presenting to a client and my hotel was connected to a mall that had an actual Gucci store (not planned I promise). I obvi couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see if they had it and of course they didn’t. BUT the sales dude was a genius. Told me to buy what they had and take it to the shoe cobbler to punch more holes in the belt. I didn’t even question him, pulled out my AMEX and was on my way to the cobbler. Best purchase ever, best retail salesman ever. #easysell

Gucci Belt - treat yo self

Basic Tee - $9.90 - stock up! I have them in like 100 colors.

Basic Turtle Neck - $19.90

You know the drill. Another chunky sweater with just a smidge tucked in. This purple is everything. Go buy it. Right meow.

Purple Sweater - $49.90

Petty Ankle Booty - $160 - mine are old but these are the exact ones in grey - my fav color :)

You will most likely see me wearing this any day of the week that ends in Y. 1,000 wrinkles and all. And those slippers, I can’t even put into words how much I love them.

Nike Joggers - $55

Slippers - $59.95

Basic Tee - $9.90 - same one I wore with the over sized black cardigan!

I know this was a looooong post - if you read every word kudos to you & thank you! Please comment (for some reason you can only do so on a laptop or desktop) and let me know if I should continue these little fashion find Friday’s & I will do my best to keep you posted on what is in my cart or closet.



(Dear God I wish I could sign off as Gossip Girl and I also wish that I had Blake Lively’s wardrobe - her hubby isn’t so bad either.)